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It is amazing how we are similar to those who brought us up and not only outwardly. We express our ideas with their words. We use their gestures. We have the same habits, inclinations and drawbacks. We often do everything in our power to dissociate ourselves from this likeness and in such moments it shows up even stronger.

I have the same situation. I have been brought up by my mother, father and grandmother. These people are my nearest and dearest. They have done the utmost to make me grow up a good person. But I was always not very happy with their world outlook and lifestyle. I often said to them and to myself that I was different and my life would be different from theirs. However, with the years I more and more often notice how everything they put into my personality shows up stronger and brighter. I try to get rid of some habits and inclinations that they inculcated in me, but every time I get back to them again. I do not want to think and talk as they taught me, but nevertheless I continue doing that. I try to struggle against them but indeed I struggle against myself and always lose, because the struggle against the nature is doomed to a failure.

I think I am not the only one. I know many people who quarrel, argue and contradict those who put heart and soul into their upbringing – their parents and grandparents. I consciously search for such people who wrestle with themselves in the person of their kindred.



Krasnoyarsk, Russia




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